About xERTS-EBS: Based on Microsoft Net Platform and SQL server, the system is secured by user roles and authority. Modules are provided with setups and configuration so that a fine tuning based on users requirement.

Provides business integrated process. Financial is integrated directly with Inventory, Sales, Purchases and other operations. The system is VAT and GST enabled on multiple layer taxation as well.

Inventory Management has multi-location and multi-barcode provision. Multiple unit of measures and four Pricing levels for various Customers. Four levels of hierarchy, Item Kits provided for setting group of items. Expected P.O for items can be tracked. Maintain a Price history of the Items. Inventory Audit and Transaction history on a touch of a button. Tracks batch, normal and matrix inventory. Item copy provides faster item creation. Item import from text file to head start the bulk-item creation. Print Barcode from Item Master and much more…

Point Of Sale - Complete touch based system. Provided with Manager authority and login control. Control voids, refunds, price change, discounts. Multiple Paycode, Store credit on refunds are easy to manage. Date wise item discount and Store wise promotion. Other features includes Payin, Payout, Hold & Recall

Features Includes

  • System Security
  • Inventory Management
  • Purchasing
  • Sales and Distribution
  • POS
  • Accounts - VAT enabled.
  • Mobile Reporting
  • Ideal for Small and Medium Enterprise.
  • User friendly and simple.
  • Use security measures and authority for transactions.
  • User Access to system is defined by the provided role.
  • Auto-email on posting of transactions.
  • Customer Management and referral Logs.
  • Finance Integrated with live operations and postings.
  • Setup and configurations for modules and functions.
  • Transaction Controls and Access

Sales Analysis Reports

  • Sales Register Summary / Details
  • Invoice History, Current Receipt Details
  • Exceptional Listing for Voids and Disc%
  • Return Item Listing and Store Credit
  • Item Movement History and analysis
  • Department / Category analysis
  • Item Sales Listing
  • Paycode History
  • Payin-Payout and Customer Payment

Function Features of POS

  • Open Cash Drawer with float
  • Make POS Tickets / Invoices
  • VAT and GST Compatible
  • Hold, Recall, Void, No-sale.
  • Store Credits and Vouchers
  • Promotions and Discounts
  • Manager Override and Control
  • Limited access for POS users
  • Touch or Program Keyboard.
  • A/R Customer Payments.

Purchase Management:

  • Includes Vendor Management and Authorization.
  • Purchase Requisitions and Purchase Orders, GRN.
  • Multiple GRN for single P.O. Maintain P.O Log
  • Landed Overhead cost and taxes.
  • Purchase Reconciliations

Sales Order Management:

  • Includes Customer Management and Authorization.
  • Sales Quote, Costing, Sales Invoice & Return.
  • Email Quote and Invoice
  • Overhead cost and Taxes.
  • Sales History for Customer to know last sales price.
  • Multiple Invoice Format
  • Sales Reconciliation with Accounts and Customer Ledger

Financial- Complete Chart of Accounts and Accounting tree would guide you to pick the specific Account Code. User defined Segmentation would allow us to maintain multiple cost centers and profit centers like branches, warehouses and sales stores.

Accounts can be created for a specific location or all locations or branches. The control Accounts would act as a pipe-line for the integration of different company operations.

Ledger reporting is based on Group or Single Account Entity. Reporting can be based on posting date or transaction date. The Tree Mode for accounts is displayed in the form of Category or specific branches or entities.

Financials Includes:

  • Chart Of Accounts and Accounts Code
  • Journal Voucher, Cash, and Bank
  • Ledger Reporting, Group, Batch
  • Voucher Reporting, Group, Batch
  • Accounts Receivable,Invoice, Aging
  • Accounts Payable and Aging
  • Check Printing, Service Invoice
  • Payment History and Reconciliation
  • Final Accounts, P&L, Balance Sheet

System Security

  • Provides secure access to system
  • Authorization for Voids and Delete
  • Transaction Authority
  • Read, write, and Delete on Form
  • Swipe Card ID for faster Login
  • Configure Toolbar buttons
  • Menu Short-cuts
  • POS Users and Back-Office Users