Laundry Management System

A simple and informative software that helps the laundry to manage their activities and makes it more efficient. Whether you are running a single outlet laundry business or multi-store outlet chain of dry cleaning shops, we help you to manage your day to day operations smoothly.

It becomes necessary to manage the Clients, specially their pickup orders, timely deliveries and Accounts. At the shop floor, we require a comprehensive yet simple POS operation to settle the Laundry orders and deliveries. iwash takes care of them.

Base System

Point Of Sale – Front Desk

Laundry Back office - Laundry Services Customer Management & Accounts System Setup

Options modules includes

Accounts Integration

Offline Hand Held Devices integration

Point of Sales-Front Desk

Point of Sale Front Desk is One screen that allows multiple activities. It helps the user to manage the Laundry services and choose different apparel for services. It also helps user to create customer on-fly, request for a customer order-pickup, confirms the pickups, Issue service order against the pickup. Once the service-order is completed, it is marked as ‘readto- deliver’. The upcoming customer deliveries are displayed in dashboard. The settlement of deliveries are against Cash, Card, or A/R credit option. POS front desk is comprehensive tool to manage the following:

Customer Order Pickup and Inquiry

Pickup Confirmation

Laundry Service Orders

Service Order Confirmation

Customer Deliveries

Customer Cash Receipts

Customer Inquiries

Laundry Back-Office

The system operational activities generally comprises setting up laundry services, Apparel for services. It comprises pricing and discounts on the services. A user can create multiple services in the laundry and can tag it to specific apparel and not to all of them. This makes it more intelligent that when an item is selected for servicing, only services related to that item would appear. A Blanket may need washing, buffing, and polishing where as a jeans are just meant to wash and iron. User can easily tag the services against the items during the setup. Following are the options for Back-Office:

Laundry Service Setup and Pricing

Apparel for Services

Pricing and Discounts on Item Services

Customer Management & Accounts

The most important perspective is to manage the Customer/Clients. A timely service is required to bind the customer to our business. Iwash makes it easy for us to create customer database, manage their credit offerings, service orders, pickups and deliveries. Either customer can self drive to Laundry or can required pickup-n-delivery at home service. The system offers

Customer Database

Customer activity Log


Service Order

Delivery and Payment options.

Statement of Accounts.

Credit Check and Credit Overrides

System Setup

The Setup allows the user to manage the system parameter required to run the software. User can create Laundry stores, POS stores and Cash Registers, Payment mode, POS Discounts, User Logins, Accounting integration and other required parameters.

Optional Modules

The optional module include Accounts Integration and Portable Data collector interface and integrations. A user can visit the client / customer with a hand-held device to create a pickup order. He can then return to the system and import the data from the device. The system is initially is available on offline-mode.