Employee Management

Easily access employee’s personal information including benefits, passport, visa, residence id, education, job history and bank details.

Leaves, Employee Profiles & History

Efficient leave handling. The Software ensures that all the leaves applied, approved and rejected are recorded and that leaves taken are properly accounted for. It also manages the Profile, Employee history, Notices and Warnings.

Time and Attendance and Device Integration

Save your time and energy by using Auto attendance feature for staff attendance process. Track overtime and special overtime hours of employees on daily basis on a click of button.

Payroll Management and Payroll Structures

Simple and easy payroll processing which auto calculates employee salaries based on no of days worked, overtime hours, earnings and deductions assigned.

Attendance Registers

Assign shifts using auto attendance Roster for staff scheduling process. Manages Shifts employees on daily basis on a click of button.

Creates and manage Employee payroll component

Earnings and Deductions.

Structured and unstructured components for deductions and Earning. Manage and update employee status, profile and activities. Maintain profile history and reports for future reference & decision making.

Simple and user friendly

English and Arabic Support

Auto attendance feature

Informative historical report

Simple, easy and powerful

Biometric device integration

Simple and user friendly

Ensure government compliance, simplify HR administration. Manage employee information with HRMS by automating and Organizing HR processes. HRMS eliminates time consuming clerical work and provides powerful tools for managing information about Employees.HRMS has been designed to cater the needs of small and medium Scale companies who want to better handle their employees