Cafe and Resturant

Bufiya - For Cafe and Resturant Management System

Bufiya is a simple yet versatile software to manage the day to day activity of the Restaurant, Cafes, Bars, Pubs, Bakeries, or any other Food Court. The software comes in two different setups of Multi-site and Single-site. Sigle-site basically deals with a singe POS Register with all the functionalities and features except that it does not have multi-store or multi-POS configuration. Multi-site carrys all the features including multiple store and POS Register management.

The software consist of a Backoffice Management and Front Office Operation.

Back-Office : Back-Office consist of Inventory Management, Customer Management, Purchase Management, System and Setups, MIS Reporting, KOT Printer Configuration, and System Administration.

Inventory allows creation of Menu and Non menu Items. A parent item can have recipe items. Complete list of recipe can be managed and tracked. Optmized the Inventory and minimized the wastages. Pricing is baseed on the Location of the Restaurants. Product Promotion, Happy hours, different pricing can be configured. You can also configure the weighing items for deli.

Customer Management track loyal and A/R Customers. Credit Sales are allowed to A/R customers only. Statement of account and customer receipts are available.

Purchase allow purchasing of Raw-Materials or other Items. The Stock are received at the warehouse and can be transferred to a kitchen.

System Setups and Administration allows to control Roles and authority of the users. Managing and configuring Kitchen Printers, Cash Registers, hardware Integration, etc.

Front Office: Front Office has the POS and the related activities. A Waiter modules is allowed to take order only. A complete Cash-Register can take order or settled checks. User can take Dining Mode, Take Away, Home Delivery. Design your floow layout for Dining. For home-delivery, track sources like Zomato, Swiggy, etc. Print checks and KOTs as defined by the printer. Control Price Override, Discounts, Voids, Delete Line. Check cannot be modified if printed. Only administrator has the authority to change approved transactions.